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Unknown - In :: /usr/local/nagios/libexec/centreon.conf

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  • Unknown - In :: /usr/local/nagios/libexec/centreon.conf

    Note 1: Sorry for my English, but I don't speak the language and I'm using the google translator.

    When trying to run a plug-in, I get an error message from the image in the attachment stating that is missing. I am still welcome and I have no idea how to report this file. Previously I was able to copy this file from another centreon server, but it seems that it is not accepting. The question is: How can I put this file back in place? I have no idea how to do that !!!

    centreon pm.JPG
    Note 2: Arquivo ou diretório não encontrado = File or directory not found



    Note 3: The file, in the directory "/ usr / lib64 / nagios / plugins /", I copied manually from another centreon server. Because it did not exist and at a certain moment, when executing the same plugin mentioned, he alarmed an error stating that the file was talking.