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New C3JS Graph in CES 3.4 is bad - can I get the old one back?

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  • New C3JS Graph in CES 3.4 is bad - can I get the old one back?

    I upgraded to CES 3.4 (=Centreon 2.8.1). The upgrade itself went quite smooth. The website also works fine after I cleared by browser-cache.

    BUT the new C3JS-based graph is driving me crazy. Can I somehow have the old interface back?

    Here is a short list of problems/inconveniences
    - it no longer shows min/avg/max/sum values for each displayed metric. This is really bad and THE showstopper for me.

    - the graphs are smoothed way to much = information is lost. They are smoothed that much, that even if I zoom to a scale where I can only see like 10 minues they are still smooth and I can not easily recognize the values for each minute.

    - the smoothing leads to displaying WRONG values. For example I am monitoring the bandwidth of a connection. If the upload-bandwidth is ~0 for some hours and then suddenly goes up the graph shows the curve BELOW the 0 line. This is a well known effect of smoothing, but not acceptable.

    - then trying to display a graph with many metrics (e.g., traffic per port of a 48x switch) it fails with "Too much metrics, the chart can't be displayed". Then I have to click on a button and then it will be displayed.

    - if I want to display a lot of data (e.g. 12 months) it becomes really slow.

    - the labels of the y scale are rather strange: 0, 200k, 400k, 600k, 800k, 1.00M, 1.20M .....

    Not everything is bad thou. The status display right underneath is really nice, as well as the mouse over pop-up showing the top values.

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    I have the same problem.


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      Same problem also after upgrading from 2.7.6 (CES 3.0) to 2.8.2. The graphs are smooth and more good looking but we have lost a lot of informations, all legends disappeared (service name inside the graph, min/max and espacially the last value). How to revert back to old RRD graphs.



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        Bumping. I'd like to see RRD graphs as an option or feature flag. C3JS doesn't seem to be as useful to me/us and RRD as an option would really be nice.


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          Not working for me either. I should also mention that the graphs are wider then my browser windows and doesn't get resized. Like the OP said, it's a show stopper,


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            really really dirty hack:

            To get always the info edit /usr/share/centreon/www/include/views/graphs/javascript/centreon-graph.js and change from:

            if (self.settings.extraLegend) {
            expandLegend = jQuery('<img>').attr('src', './img/icons/info2.png')
            .on('click', function () {


            To get more data in your graphs
            find if ( > 15) {
            datasToAppend = {
            columns: [],
            names: {},
            types: {},
            colors: {},
            regions: {},
            order: null,
            empty: { label: { text: "Too much metrics, the chart can't be displayed" } }

            and change the 15 to whatever the number you want.
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