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Graph Elements Not Populated in Performances Tab

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  • Graph Elements Not Populated in Performances Tab

    I'm trying to determine what I missed in the documentation to get graphing working on a new instance. I built a new instance of Centreon 2.8.5 and configured it according to the documentation. I then enabled perfdata but when I go to the performances view to build graphs, there are no elements on any of my monitored hosts to add. I think I must have missed a step in the documentation somewhere, but I've gone back over it several times and can't seem to find the step I missed. I this point I have files created at /var/log/nagios for host perfdata and service perfdata, but nothing seems to be ingesting them into the database.

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    I determined that the broker wasn't running (or wasn't enabled to start with the system). I didn't catch it because it doesn't have centreon in the name, it's just cbd. After starting it, I'm starting to see the metrics populate.