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  • rrd graph 6 months


    I used centreon 2.8.9

    I have an issue with my graphs. The historical data of the rrd graph is 6 month instead of 1 year.

    Administration -> Parameter -> Option ;

    Mysql retention : 365 days
    RRD retention : 365 days

    My investigations/troubleshooting :

    1. Delete rrd files fro a specific host in /var/lib/centreon/metrics/ and /var/lib/centreon/status
    2. Graphs are now all gone for the host
    3. Select "Rebuild RRD database" in Admin-> Parameter -> Data for the host
    4. RRD files are recreated
    5. Rebuild waiting is NO again
    6. Using rrdtool dump /var/lib/centreon/metrics/xxx.rrd => 6 monts of data
    7. But when I check the mysql data (data_bin), I have on year of data.

    How can I fix this issue ? How rebuid my graph to have one year of data ?

    Thanks in advance.

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