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Graph 6 months instead of 1 year

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  • Graph 6 months instead of 1 year


    Centreon-web : 2.8.15
    Centreon-engin : 1.7.2
    Centreon-broker : 3.0.7

    I need you help because I don't know why my retention is 6 months for all my graphs. The history of all my gaph is 6 months

    See below my configuration :

    The retention is configured to 365 days.


    I check the data in MariaDB (centreon_storage D :

    I execute this SQL command in order to check the "ctime" of my datas. Ex for metric ID 3301

    select * from data_bin where id_metric=3301 INTO OUTFILE '/tmp/data_bin_3301.txt'

    The ctime on the first line is : 1477692521 (2016/10/29)

    So I can conclude that I have 1 year of data into my database.


    Then I tried to rebuid my graphs :

    1. Delete files in /var/lib/centreon/metrics/3301.rrd and /var/lib/centreon/status/26704.rrd
    2. Graphs are now all gone
    3. Select "Rebuild RRD database" in Admin->Data for the host
    4. RRD files are recreated

    But still the same issue, the history of the graph is again 6 months.

    Do you have any idea to fix this ?

    Thanks you so much for you help

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    You can go in Administration > Parameters.
    There is a "Performance Management" section on the left.
    Under, select the "Options" link.

    You should see a line that is called "RRDTool database size".

    Default value is 180 days (6 month).
    If it's the value you have, try to set it to your desired value.


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      Hi Nicolas,

      Thanks but I already try to change this value :

      I don't know why this value is not applied ...


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        I have the same issue with a 2.8.24 version.
        All my graphs have a 6 month data, and on database I have more than one year (450 days like I configure on the BO)

        Did you have found a workaround or a patch ?


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          Hello all,
          we also have the same issue here, with a 2.7.13.
          It looks like I have the datas in the table, but the graphs does not show all of the datas, only the ones younger than 6 months (180 days)...
          I definitely don't understand where this 180 value comes from...
          Any help?