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How to hide CURVES ?

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  • How to hide CURVES ?


    I have graphs with two curves:

    I want to hide the blue curve, LATENCY.

    I have the folowed options:

    1 - Hide de metric in Administration -> Data:

    It is not possible because i have too much graphs for this and there is no solution to hide them massively.

    2 - Change the plugin code to stop the creation of this perfdata:

    Not possible because i need the RTA value for my threshold (warning, critical ...)
    I juste want to hide the LATENCY on graphs, not delet it from Centreon.

    3 - Hide the curve in 'Curves' parameters:

    I tough it was the best option, I have checked the 'Display only the legend' option:

    The description of this option say 'This hide the curves', so it should only show the legend in my graphs and not the curves ?!
    After export the configuration, here is the result ... :
    Nothing hapend !

    So if someone know where is my mistakes, or another solution to hide curves (excepted the 1 and 2 that are not ok for me )

    Thanks in advance !


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    Mumble mumble,
    are you sure that the second solution is wrong?
    perfdata must no impact the result of a check

    My test with the load of a linux machine:

    Standard check:
    $ /usr/lib/centreon/plugins// --plugin=os::linux::snmp::plugin --mode=load --hostname=*.*.*.* --snmp-version='*' --snmp-community='****'  --warning='4,3,2' --critical='6,5,4'
    OK: Load average: 1.85, 1.21, 1.01 | 'load1'=1.85;0:4;0:6;0; 'load5'=1.21;0:3;0:5;0; 'load15'=1.01;0:2;0:4;0;
    Change load15 threshold so I get CRITICAL
    $ /usr/lib/centreon/plugins// --plugin=os::linux::snmp::plugin --mode=load --hostname=*.*.*.* --snmp-version='*' --snmp-community='****'  --warning='4,3,2' --critical='6,5,0'
    CRITICAL: Load average: 1.51, 1.30, 1.06 | 'load1'=1.51;0:4;0:6;0; 'load5'=1.30;0:3;0:5;0; 'load15'=1.06;0:2;0:0;0;
    Change load15 threshold so I get CRITICAL and remove load15 perfdata
    $ /usr/lib/centreon/plugins// --plugin=os::linux::snmp::plugin --mode=load --hostname=*.*.*.* --snmp-version='*' --snmp-community='****'  --warning='4,3,2' --critical='6,5,0' --filter-perfdata='load1$|load5$'
    CRITICAL: Load average: 1.08, 1.20, 1.04 | 'load1'=1.08;0:4;0:6;0; 'load5'=1.20;0:3;0:5;0;

    Hope that helps,


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      Hi dalfo !

      Thanks for you help,

      As you said, it may be OK for the second solution, change plugin code.

      But the plugin that I use 'Chek_centreon_ping' have no parameter to hide or show perfdatas (--filter-perfdata='load1$|load5$' on yours):

      I will try to change plugin source code, but I never code in perl

      Here is the part that i think it return perfdatas:
      If someone know perl and can help me
      I Will try to delet the parts with 'Time' ..

      But i don't understand why the button 'Display legend only' don't work , maybe my Centreon version (2.8.17)


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        loosing diopters to read the code

        First: don't edit the check but make a copy (eg. chek_centreon_ping_special), edit that, and change your command_check

        Second: the perf data are the strings after the pipe char "|"So yes, probably you have to remove the parts with 'time'.

        About the flag "Display legend only", never used, I have fear to broke something else, also because I don't have fully understand all interaction between perfdata, RRD, curves, etc...