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No RRD graph with check_nrpe CheckDiskSize

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  • No RRD graph with check_nrpe CheckDiskSize

    Hello all,

    I got a strange issue when trying to see the RRD graphs for the CheckDiskSize (which is a NRPE plugin).
    Indeed, I got this :

    All the other graphs are working perfectly (CPU, MEM, even disk space for Linux), and also by using the check_nt, I'm able to retrieve the graphs.
    However, I can't use check_nt as I need to set warning & critical ranges in GB (and not %).

    I use a fresh FAN installation, I got Centreon 2.4.5 and Nagios 3.4.4.
    The check got correct perfdata (or seems to...)

    Also, few guys got this issue before me, but in most of cases, it's never the same version as me, and all their suggested solutions aren't working for me (plus they're talking about pnp4nagios but don't know what it is lol).
    For example, I tried to modify /usr/share/centreon/bin/centstorage and /usr/share/centreon/lib/ but it doesn't seem to work...

    Hope you can help me

    Thanks in advance !

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    Can you migrate to Centreon 2.5.0 with Centreon Broker ?
    Centreon Syslog Module Manager/Developper
    Centreon E2S Module Manager/Developper
    Centreon Enterprise Server (2.x / 3.x) : Centreon Engine 1.3.x / 1.4.x, Centreon Broker 2.6.x / 2.8.x , Centreon 2.x, Centreon-Syslog 1.5.x, Centreon E2S 2.0
    Nagios 3.x et NDOutil 1.x