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hotes ajoutés dans oréon non reconnus (Topic in the Setup forum)
19 May 2008, 17:06
Hôtes DOWN alors que les services OK (Topic in the Centreon devel version forum)
2 April 2009, 16:41
Howto utiliser ODS dans script perso ? (Topic in the Plugins forum)
31 January 2008, 18:33
IBM Director (Topic in the Plugins forum)
15 March 2010, 19:44
Icone graph à ne mettre que quand c'est nécessaire (Topic in the Suggestions forum)
9 October 2007, 10:52
Identifier application via ports udp tcp (Topic in the Plugins forum)
29 April 2008, 16:15
Import *.cfg de Nagios vers Centreon (Topic in the Setup forum)
1 July 2009, 12:47
Import de hosts en masse (Topic in the Centreon Project forum)
23 October 2007, 10:49
Importing and enabling host and services (Topic in the Setup forum)
27 February 2008, 16:16
Impossible de créer des services (Topic in the Interface forum)
27 March 2008, 17:25
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